Parish Council Roles and our Councillors

All correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk. Enquiries or complaints should be sent to the Clerk. There will be a response within a working week.

Further details on Councillor Roles and Secondary Officer can be found in Documents under General Information.

Role Name  
Clerk     Responsible Financial Officer     Nicky Phillips
Chairman     Asset Management     Personnel Officer     A350 Community Group     Abingdon Hall     Paul Le Prevost
Vice Chairman     Recreation     Kerry O'Connor
Highways, Drainage & Notice Boards     Arthur Evans
Footpaths & Rights of Way     Environmental Protection     Community Resilience & Emergency Planning     John Goodliffe
DAPTC     Village & District Liaison     Mike Jones
Development Management/Planning     Speedwatch     A350 Community Group     Brian O'Luanaigh
IT     Tree Officer     Susan Trim
Dorset Councillor     Jane Somper