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Planning Applications

This list shows current and recently closed planning applications. You can click on the Application number to go to the District Council's planning pages. Please use your browser 'Back' button to return to this site.

Application Number Details Deadline
Hill View, Shute Lane P/LBC/2021/00762 Installation of 2 No. top hung openers to porch windows and associated internal & external works 19/04/2021 Awaiting Decision
Rose House, Higher Street P/HOU/2021/00441 Replacement of two existing sheds with a garden studio, traditional summerhouse and shed 17/05/2021 Awaiting Decision
Thatchways, Blandford Road P/FUL/2020/00473 Erect four no. dwellings with garages; create 9 No. parking spaces and modify vehicular access, (demolish existing garage) 19/04/2021 Awaiting Decision
Thatchways, Blandford Road APP/D1265/W/20/3265438 Erection of detached single storey dwelling Closed Under Appeal
Tilhayes, Church Road P/TRV/2021/01014 T1 - Bay - Remove two branches overhanging driveway. Closed Awaiting Decision
Stantway Cottage, Tower Hill P/TRC/2021/01090 T1 - Beech - Crown raise by 2m from existing level. Closed Awaiting Decision
Brookmans Cottage, Dunns Lane P/TRC/2021/00999 T1 - Conifer - Fell. T2 - Conifer - Fell. H1 - Overgrown hedges - Remove non-native species including the bay and sycamore and reduce remaining hawthorn and native species to 2m. Closed Awaiting Decision
Jazz House, Post Office Road P/TRC/2021/00571 T1 - Hazel - Coppice all stems to 02-06m ground level. T2 - Ash - Crown lift by removing four lowest limbs. G1 - Group of x4 Beech (over mature hedge line) - Reduce height of four stems by 2m above historic topping points. T3 - Willow, decayed stem - Pollard at two metres from ground level. Closed Awaiting Decision
Hill View, Shute Lane P/NMA/2021/00508 Non material amendment to planning permission 2/2019/1552/HOUSE to allow amendment to approved windows to include top hung openers Closed Awaiting Decision
Cow Parsley Cottage , Post Office Road P/LBC/2021/00304 Erect single storey extension to outbuilding and carry out internal and external alterations. Carry out internal & external alterations and repairs to cottage (part regularisation). Closed Awaiting Decision
Brook Cottage, Old School Lane P/LBC/2020/00452 Refurbishment and rethatching of roof, carry out all external and internal alterations in connection with this. Closed Awaiting Decision
Cow Parsley Cottage, Post Office Road P/HOU/2021/00303 Erect single storey and alterations to outbuilding and convert to form ancillary accommodation and erect rear boundary fence (part retrospective). Closed Awaiting Decision
Crossways, Hobgoblin P/HOU/2020/00356 Vehicular access, form parking spaces and erect retaining walls Closed Awaiting Decision
1-4 Miles Field, 2/2020/1153/MODPO Request to remove Planning Obligation of section 106 agreement dated 4 September 2006 made under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, against Planning application number 2/2005/0429 - to remove The planning obligation from the Section 106 Agreement as follows:- 8.1 The terms of the Second Schedule shall not be binding upon a mortgagee in possession for the time being of th Affordable Housing or some part of it which may manage or sell free from the terms of this Agreement. 8.2 Forthwith upon a mortgagee entering into possession of the Land or some part of it upon completion of the sale or disposal of the Land in accordance with clause 7.1 the mortgagee shall be released from the Affordable Housing provisions and thereafter the Affordable Hosing provisions shall become null and void. Closed Awaiting Decision
River Cottage (Breken Cottage), The Chalk P/TRT/2021/00010 G1 - Lime x2 - Pollard 2 mature lime trees (Tilla vulgaris) back to previous points, a reduction in the overall height to 20m and width to 8m. Reasons: Trees in close proximity to property, potential for damage to property, overshadowing, substantial leaf drop in autumn blocking drainage channels to stream & causing flooding of property, prevent branches falling onto public road. Closed Approved
6 , The Glebe P/TRD/2021/01231 T1 - Chestnut - Fell under regulation 14 as the tree is dead Closed Determined